Emergency Cases


Emergency Information

Once you arrive at our office, we will evaluate your situation and make a decision as to the best treatment options available.

Avulsed/Dislodged Tooth

Do not put the tooth in water, alcohol,or peroxide. When possible, the tooth is best preserved when tucked into the side of the cheek in the mouth and carried that way to the office. When possible and still partially attached, place the tooth back into it's original site, and contact our office immediately for stabilization and follow up care.

Intruded, Loose Or Displaced Tooth Due To Trauma

Call our office or emergency care number immediately or go to the nearest hospital or walk in emergency dental clinic. Traumatic dental injuries should always be dealt with as swiftly as possible.

Swollen Face Or Soft Tissues

Call , or in extreme cases call 911 or proceed to your nearest hospital.

Constant Aching Tooth

Contact our office. Anti inflammatories and pain killers can often partially relieve pain. However the cause of the discomfort should not be ignored, as in most cases it will worsen and need to be addressed. Prescribed or over the counter medicine is usually only an adjunct to dental treatment, and in the majority of cases, is not the treatment itself.

Temporary (Provisional) Crown / Veneer Is Loose Or Dislodges

Gently place it back onto the tooth and call our office. If you have broken it or lost it completely, call our office to schedule an appointment for prompt follow up care.

Protocol For Avulsed/Dislodged Permanent Tooth

If possible place back into socket immediately. If the tooth is soiled, briefly rinse with water. If you cannot place it back into the socket, place tooth in milk, saline or saliva (hold in your cheek – see above). It very important the tooth and any attached tissue does not dry out. Come in to seek dental care as soon as possible to re-plant and/or stabilize the tooth.

Protocol For Temporary Or Permanent Crown Falling Off

If crown is very loose, remove and leave tooth uncovered. If tooth is sensitive or sharp, if possible use tooth PASTE (not gel) to secure back in place while on route to office. DO NOT use any permanent types of adhesive. Call to book an appointment to have crown re-cemented as soon as possible.

Often treatment of dental trauma is not clear cut, as the circumstances surrounding the situation will often dictate the available treatment options. Regardless of the damage, your best bet is to call the office for an evaluation as soon as possible.

With the proper emergency action, a tooth that has been knocked out or knocked loose can usually be successfully replanted. As mentioned above, timing and swift action is the key factor, as each passing minute affects the possible success of the treatment.

Remember - many types of tooth and mouth injuries are avoidable simply by wearing a properly fitted mouth guard. Call us to talk about the right protective equipment for you, so you can avoid having to call for an emergency appointment!


After Hours

Please call our mainline office number (250) 782-4440

If they are unavailable to speak with you immediately and you are in severe pain, please contact your GP or go to the nearest emergency department.

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